Bikini Warfare

Everyone would love to be able to look good in a teeny bikini.  Vanity?   Why are we especially women….wired to put pressure on our looks?  It’s human nature.   Let us have our ultimate goal be on health.   Looks will follow.   Doesn’t health seem to be the better goal!?!!

Forget plastic surgery!  Have you ever seen the numerous botch jobs, that women who have gone overboard, with botox, face lifts, etc.? You’ve seen the Hollywood celebrities and we must learn from them what not do. They are under tremendous pressure to look good.  We, however, are under pressure to remain healthy.

If there was one mantra to remember, it would be that health is beauty!   This is the first step.  Understand what your real drive is.   Is it to be healthy or to be beautiful?   If you hate vanity… then think health and why?   For your children… for love … to be seen differently.   Think about it.  What is your drive?

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