Fitness Torture

The suicide class I take otherwise known as triple threat was Monday’s class was a killer.    I’m sure I am the only one actually blogging about it.   Usually the deal is… we meet in the spin room, do 20 min of spin, gravity exercises ( a trapeze like machine with pulleys and weights), and then some plyometrics…jumping, speedskaters or running in place with high knees.

Well, unfortunately regular instructor didn’t show up.  I know this woman… I always tease her about doing Zumba with me, which she will stare at me with that “really?” look and decline as usual.

She then continued to torture me with a series of sprint’s, pushups, burpies, sideway lunges, and jumps.   It was TORTURE.    I got through it.

Then 20 minutes of climbing on a spin bike.

Part of me really doesn’t hate it. I must be masochistic.

Til the next session.

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