Sense and Sensibility

The fight to write, or paint is the same as the fight to exercise.  People see these actions as something you do at your leisure.  When does the drive to do these things switch from want to need?  When your very well-being is dependent upon it.

The fight will continue.  I guarantee it! People do not want you to enjoy or to have a drive outside their comfort zone, outside the norm.  Reminder world… mediocrity is easy.

Remember when you were a kid and you never wanted to be nerdy or different because you wanted to fit in? Well you are a grownup now and you have this void which some of you fill your time with whatever will fill that space.  It could be hours on Facebook or filling your lives with more people, collecting… whatever may that be.  But maybe if you direct your focus you could be somehow extraordinary. Who will you be fighting? Everyone!  They will state how silly you are, what a waste of time it is, how you will never get to your goal whatever it is.

Be vigilant!  Nobody wants you to succeed except you.

1.  Don’t tell people what you are doing unless you are absolutely positive they will support you.
2.  Keep the positive people in your life.  You are going to need them.
3.  Ignore the negative.  I know it can be difficult but you need to learn this.
4. Keep positive images to remind you. Cutouts, a saying,etc.
5. Keep working on your goal once a day in some way no matter how small.
6. Get people involved that have similar goals.  You work better with help.
7. Take a break but come back right away.
8. Enjoy it!   Remind yourself that this is what you want.

Til the next session!

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    1. Lilitte says:

      Thanks for sharing!


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