Gym Buddies

So a peek into my gym life goes like this… I go to the gym 5-6 days a week 2-3 hours a day. All my gym friends are obviously people I’ve met at the gym and they work out probably just as much as I do. These friends are consistent gym people and we have gone all to the same gym for years. We mostly met in boxing class which most of us still go to. We celebrate birthdays, we are there for divorces, babies, the awards and the disappointments that life has to offer.

And as with all friends, there are fights crushes, jealousies, bonding. Some friends have come to join us… and some stay, while others drift apart and sometimes are never to be seen again. I will not name names of course to protect their identity. All of my friends are fiercely competitive which creates some interesting dynamics. Here are some descriptions of them:

Cardio Princess – She does mostly cardio and is a classaholic like myself and is one of my BFFS.  She doesn’t lift weights usually but will in a class.  She would do cardio all day which is what she does when she has more free time. She’s got the east coast attitude which is what makes her endearing. She’s lost some pounds and has made her own transformation.  Her physique is very lean.  A true competitor and lover of fitness and my partner in crime.

Mini lean machine – This petite woman is all muscle. She’s extremely lean and a built runner. She ran effortlessly her first half marathon but her gym attendance is sporadic despite her physique. She does a lot of hiking and outside sports for fun which is probably why she is so lean.

Zen girl – She’s a master of wellness and positivity and shy’s away from anything negative. Her diet is spotless, she’s out of boxing but concentrates on some weight lifting, form, yoga and light running. Shes another BFF.  She is tall with beautiful long limbs.

Skinny mini – She is the skinniest of the group… mini but a fighter with attitude. She’s a protector, free spirit, sentimental and lovable. She’s very lean, naturally built that way and a natural runner. She sometimes drops out of the gym which I suspect she is still running or exercising somehow. She’s got tons of other non-gym friends which shows off her diversity.

Sweetheart Boxer – She will take two boxing classes in a row and has been known to take the class 5 times a week. Shes a part-time vegetarian, and is a true sweetheart. She’s a solid boxer and fits in her own workouts around her work schedule. Her physique is naturally thin but she’s got a bust any woman would be jealous of.  Another beauty.

Transformer – I call her this because she had one of the best transformations I’ve ever seen. She was always fit but when she changed her diet her physique became so impressive that everyone came flocking to her wondering what she did. The added confidence made her personality soar.  I would describe her physique as defined muscle.

And then there’s me. I’ve boxed the longest of the group and I’m extremely competitive. I’ve started weightlifting this year and I combine it with classes. I’m more a sprinter than a runner. My body type is thick muscular legs and a solid behind, lean long arms and slim waist.  I am mostly known for my legs which I used to despise growing up but now discovered is an asset. I build legs easily and I have to fight to keep them lean.

So that’s the group generally. There are others but these are the core people and some boys involved but that’s not my concern.

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