Discipline, please

When I got into my “Triple Threat Class”, my instructor asked us what we were feeling.  I told her… “I need someone to kick my ass. “  Figuratively speaking, what I meant was, I needed someone to yell at me, tell me I’m not working hard enough, that I shouldn’t be cheating, etc.  Yes… tell it to me, baby.

O.K., so how many of you go to the gym and do your own solo workout? No trainers, no group-x classes, no workout partner.  I have to tell you… you are not doing yourself any good depending on yourself.  As you start daydreaming of the girl with the long black hair and sleek legs, or the man with that wit and his dark brooding stare asking you to hand him a dumbbell, you are already slowing down, with nobody to tell you you’re slacking and nobody to care.

And when you did your three sets of 15 as quoted in all fitness magazines and websites.  you are done, right.?  Well, you want to enjoy your workout.  You don’t want someone telling you what to do when you spent all day at work with your boss asking you whether you finished that 3 week project that you just started today and was supposed to be finished with by tomorrow, or did you tell so and so, the one that bites off their nails and chews it between their teeth only to spit it out on your desk….to work late so that you can work on that thing together, etc., etc.

So suppose you didn’t have a boss and you worked at home with no one to tell you what to do or when to do it?  Would you just mosey on down to the coffee shop and get your favorite frappe with chocolate sprinkles and whip cream and then maybe read your favorite magazine with the appalling political cartoons in the back first and enjoy your sugar laden danish that you said you won’t have?  Well of course you would. Well, the fact is you do have a boss and work actually must get done and on time.

Think of your workouts the same way. Yes, you could still have your own program.  Maybe work on it half and half. Half your own and then the other half someone owns you.  Now for you boys, I’m not saying to go join the next aerobics class filled with scantily dressed women bending and stretching every which way teasing you to get a glimpse until the cold icy stare pierces through your brain.  This is serious… now there are tons of options.  Boot Camp, CrossfFit, Boxing, Muay Thai, whatever.  Believe it or not, many women are taking these too.  Anyway, that’s besides the point.

When I was in my triple threat class and she was telling me to to do these jack-knife moves with my legs moving slowly up and down for 10 minutes which I lead half the class to do wrong until she told me … uh Lilitte, you’re supposed to be in a “jack-knife” position. I only had the childhood memories of doing the jack-knife dive into the pool… trying to have no splashes perfectly diving straight and narrowly like an olympic diver.  Yes,  it killed me.  Like the many moves in that class, the gravity pulleys pulling myself up until she says stop… I would never do this on my own.  Would you?

Maybe some of you would.  Even those of you that would, you still would need someone to pull you in a different direction, for once. To make it more challenging, to make it hit different muscles, and to keep you on track.  As on of my girlfriends just said to me… “Do something different.”

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  1. Love working out by myself. I absolutley hate working out with other people because i got my own program. I do mixed martial arts but sparring, rolling, and wrestling with someone yelling at you does not motivate me but if you like it, you like it.


    1. Yes I think that’s good too. You’ve got your own program and I totally get it. I got my own too and especially with specific goals in mind it’s important. I think also there’s a fine line in having people discipline you. It should never involve humiliation. Thanks for you your comment.


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