Most people think that if you exercise you should be allowed to eat whatever you want. If only that were true.

Again, remember the focus here. Health! I can’t even tell you the countless times people have asked me. Why are you on a diet? You are so thin. Do you think you are fat? Oh boy. I’m ridiculously healthy looking. My diet is to keep my weight the same not to lose the weight. I do not look anorexic and my face is healthy looking …. no sunken-in cheeks. How do they think I have kept my weight this way?

So when you are exercising to burn off that chocolate lava cake topped with whip cream and ice cream you should remember one thing: diet to lose weight and exercise to build muscle.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone wants to enjoy themselves at meals and not worry about dieting. Just don’t do it everyday. Is everyday a fiesta? No, fiestas are during special occasions. Your diet should be the same way.

During the week I focus on my diet strictly and then weekends I let myself eat what I want, but I watch my portions. Everyone’s body is different. What may work for me may not work for you. However, if you are trying to lose weight, do something! It’s your life, but it’s also your families’, your kids, and those who love you. Think about it.


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