Legs That Won’t Quit

If I had my ideal legs, they would be long, sleek, mini-skirt, model legs.  I have instead been blessed with full muscular legs that are strong but not long looking.   In every attempt to make them hopefully sleeker and thinner, the have instead become more shapely.  No boots, and leggings look absolutely ridiculous on me. With the nicknames like “gladiator legs”, “ballerina”, etc. I have long given up the idea that they will ever be sleek.  Well I found out that people want legs like mine. Go figure.

Now , I just work out my legs too keep them in shape and genetically, they stay shapely.

Today’s workout was leg presses.  I usually do 180 lbs with 90 on each side.  This trainer decided he was going to add another 45 lb weight on each side.  I said, ” Don’t be crazy! I can’t lift that much! ” Well apparently I can.  Eeeesh. Scared the crap out of me.  This trainer has wanted to train me for years.  He probably would be good but I don’t do trainers. Hmmm, maybe I should.

I continued with walking lunges across the room, and took my “triple threat class. ” Spin with increasing intensity for 20 minutes, and the rest of the class using that gravity machine to go jumping squats, one-legged jumps, weighted balancing on one leg and ended with bosu sit ups.  Would I ever do these exercises on my own, being pushed the way I do?  Uh, I don’t think so.

I love and hate it. My legs wouldn’t quit and no matter what, they will keep looking like this. Strong.  That’s a good thing.

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  1. A. says:

    Funny, I have exactly the same leg “issue”, and have come to embrace them in a very similar manner. My legs are strong, and muscular, and shapely. Who cares about strutting on a catwalk when you can lunge, squat, and shake that ass :p


    1. I believe there are many women out there with the same issue beating themselves up about getting leaner legs. We all seem to be given talents, body types that we were born with. I’m glad we are able to accept it at some point and embrace it. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Sarah C says:

    I’m with you – I actually had a guy tell me once that I had the kind of legs women would kill for. I was like, um, really? Because I’ve been fighting them for years. I look at a weight and put on muscle. But, like you, I’ve grown to like them … and just look for wide calf boots. You may feel weird looking for them, but they actually fit (seriously, you have to have stick legs to wear the regular ones), and they do look good!


    1. It’s wonderful being born with awesome legs! Aren’t we the lucky ones. Women are working out to get legs like ours! Thanks for your comment.


  3. Gadi says:

    You have natural muscular calves? You are definitely one of the luckiest. As a “leg man” I can tell you that it’s a total blessing and men like me always crave for the opportunity to come across women with muscular calves. I have 24/7 radar to spot random muscular calves whenever I walk in the street, LOL.

    I noticed you’re from Manila (where I currently reside) – this city has a lot to offer for the legmen. God blessed Filipina women with muscular legs, and thanks to that, it’s always interesting to walk in the streets and shopping malls of the city.


    1. Thank you for you compliments to all women with full legs!


  4. Author Tamie Dearen says:

    Mine are long (34 inseam) and I long for muscles. Ha ha. Thanks for the workout!


    1. Lilitte says:

      Nice! How luck you are!


  5. Scott says:

    These legs are literally perfect. If I could design them from scratch this is exactly how my perfect women’s legs would be. You are blessed! Maybe one day I’ll be blessed enough too to find a woman with these kind of legs, lol


    1. Lilitte says:

      Thank you Scott!


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