Envy and Competition

What is your drive? Is it a dose of healthy competition? OK unless you are a professional, you probably are not competing.

However, all the douche bags out there asking you how much you bench press are asking to start a friendly conversation? Not so sure. Its hilarious when people ask me that. I can only ask, “What is their end game?” When I’m asked, (I’m a mere 5’3″ at 120 lbs soaking wet), it must be for the sake of friendliness. Now when someone in group x laughs at me because the teacher yells at me for not doing it right, then the hair on my back stands up and I get in my fighting stance. Now this all depends on who’s laughing. A stranger laughing won’t matter but my competitor…. well that changes things.

Who can jump higher, box better, sprint faster, last longer, get leaner, etc. The list goes on and on. So here’s the deal. Maybe you discovered that you are a great sprinter but not a good long distance runner. Maybe you have a lot of upper body strength but you need work on your kicks. Do you give up because it irks you that you can’t beat your competitor? Or maybe you’ve decided that you can’t even do it at all so why even try. Hmmm, don’t let this take you out of the game. Start measuring the progress against yourself. Measure your time, your strength and see how you progress against yourself. Compete against yourself. Don’t get me wrong, nothing’s wrong with competition as long it doesn’t take you out of the game.

So check it out:

1. Start taking measurements of your progress

2. Find a partner to compete with that has friendlier intentions (This is a great way to get better)

3. Don’t let competition get you so upset that you drop out

4. Remember that you have unique talents that make you different

5. Recognize when envy can be more destructive than constructive

6. Give yourself rewards when you succeed a goal

7. If you can, get a coach to tweak your weaknesses and build your strengths

8. Make specific mini goals

It’s fun to progress! Let’s all keep at it.

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