To Be or Not to Be… La Femme

La Femme Nikita, the ultimate transformation from a convicted felon to a trained assassin. No, I’m not telling you to be a trained assassin. And granted, she may have had some help in her transformation. Nikita was forced to have a life that changed her identity, her whole being. She became not just the ultimate bad-ass but then learned about herself.

What is it that you want out of life.? I say shoot high. I’m mean not with a gun but with your mind. You go through your whole life just getting buy without a real focus. You have doing what you thought you were supposed to do, what your family expected, what you thought you expected until you’ve reached what you thought was your destination. And then you hit a wall. And you said to yourself, I always wanted to be …? What? It’s not too late. Take a class in what you love and let it lead you.

Why do you hit that wall? Have you ever heard someone telling you that it’s about the journey not the destination? Life is about growth, progression… true satisfaction is about the growth, the change, the challenge.

Exercise is like that, always changing and growing and moving. You’ve never will truly master it because there are so many avenues, whether it be yoga, boxing, crossfit, plyometrics, weight training. Don’t limit yourself. Try it.

Not just exercise, it’s painting, writing, becoming whatever it is you want to be.

If even a movie, which may not be real but can be inspiring … inspire you… let it. Imagine yourself as that person.

It takes bravery, it takes toughness, and sometimes you may not be tough now, but you can at least pretend and then all of a sudden you are tough. Surprise yourself.

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