Be a Buddhist

Have you ever driven somewhere and realized that you were completely on autopilot and ended up going to the post office instead of your mom’s house? Or have you ever left your keys in your underwear drawer and wondered how they got there?

If we were mindful of every action we took at the time we were doing it, we could be more efficient in our actions and may we would remember what those actions were and why we did it?

Practice mindfulness. When you are exercising, weightlifting, boxing, eating, singing, playing, whatever it may be. Be active, be present in that action.

This takes practice because the mind wanders.  Why does the mind wander? It is because you are bored of whatever you are doing or whatever event that is overtaking you is really overtaking you.  You can’t get your mind off that thing, the guy that’s supposed to ask you out, the argument you had earlier with your best friend, the lie that you found out from your brother.  Whatever it may be, at this moment in time, it is not important.  What is important is what you are doing here and now.  How do you do it?

1.  Look, feel, see and hear the task you are doing right now.

2. Think about why you are doing it and say out loud (if no one’s looking) the task you are doing.

3.  Feel every breath and concentrate on doing the task right.

4.  If other thoughts cross your mind, look, feel and touch the task again.

5.  Concentrate on the best possible way to do that task.

So what are the results and why?  You are going to find out that you will remember what you did, why you did it and you won’t forget where you are were.

It’s called being present.

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