Make it Brighter

The weather in Carlsbad was hot a couple weeks ago and now has changed to a moody, cloudy, brooding weather that everyone has been waiting for. The sky is dark in the morning and is casting a greyish covering. While some claim that their mood does not change with the weather, I believe it has. We have become more serious, more somber, and some are clearly just angry. Others are excited, thinking of autumn as a time for pumpkins, scary masks, potato soup and hot coffee.  Holidays approaching with all the melancholy it brings…

Some may take a long soulful walk, or practice ashtanga, or Thai Chi. Others will lift, run, or jump with more vigor. Weightlifters will lift heavier, boxers will punch the bag harder, dancers will dance with more passion, artists brush strokes with more intensity.

And others will sulk and sleep, and take their anger out on others.  They will cry, yell, scream, demean, disorient, defy, take drugs, go mad, and be vicious in their actions. They will alienate, disturb, bring darkness before them and around.

If all actions that you would take, wouldn’t you prefer to put your body into action?  To perfect, to compete, to become, to brighten, bring hope, to influence and stimulate, to enlighten.  You have the ability to choose.  When you care for about yourself, you care for others. You exercise for yourself, to bring yourself to its most ultimate form, and others will notice, want to do what you do, want to care like you do.

Take action. It’s addicting.

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