The Rough Day

We’ve all had those days… you know, the Rough Day.  Sometimes it’s not that bad, but for that day it all got to you.  You cursed the world and it cursed right back at you.

In our world, everything is affecting us in a way that is only understandable in only in our own eyes.  You  or “I” have had it that day.  And sometimes if feels like no matter what happens, nothing works out right.  You get there late, your friends ditch you, your family doesn’t understand you, the project you were working on didn’t work and you had to start all over again, you arrived to the wrong meeting place.  Whatever it may be… that day you just couldn’t laugh.  You had a furrowed brow that even Botox couldn’t erase.  You looked in the mirror and saw that sourpuss face staring back at you.  You could only pout, and you wanted to scream, or strangle someone… but being the civilized humans we are, we must endure it.  Endure the pain, the suffering, accept that day has being absolutely horrid.

And hopefully, the GOOD days are more than the BAD days.  Sometimes the bad days are about people, misunderstandings, disappointments, frustrations, miscommunications, etc.  What does pressure come from?  It comes from the inability to solve, to progress, to move.  And when there is no resolution in sight for that one ROUGH day, we feel helpless.

Sometimes, it’s just time.  We have to wait, to vent, to talk and scream, and workout to get it out.  BUT, we must get it out in some way.  For me it is all those things… to write, to talk, to scream, to workout, to box, to sprint, to give myself a self-massage and to smooth out that furrowed brow.

A Spa Day.  I’ve had probably less spa days then I can count on one hand.  Probably not enough.  I considered it a luxury, a waste, weird, some stranger massaging you, rubbing green mud on you, naked under that towel.  Maybe that’s what we need.  Someone to pamper us, to entertain us, to bring us Abuelita’s hot chocolate, cover us in rose petals and help us forget all our worries.

A good boxing session.  To hit that bag, to flurry, to bob and weave, to hit focus mitts with speed and power.

A yoga session.  The downward dog,  some tree poses, with mantras.

Aerobics.  A good cardio session to keep your heart pumping, bring yourself breathless.

Sleep.  Sometimes its best to just sleep it off.  Sleep well, wake up late, don’t plan anything in the morning, just rest.

Whatever it is, let it out somehow. We’ve all had them: The Rough Day.

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