Nut Addiction

OMG!  I can’t stop eating them.  I get home and I have a few, and I wake up and I have more and between meals I’m having some.  Actually,  I’m not just talking a few nuts… I’m talking easily 20 – 30 nuts per sitting.  Yikes.  I think as much benefits that nuts have, I have to stop having them!  I’ve identified other trigger foods in my diet that is now hands off:  potato chips, chocolate, rice, french fries.

BOOYAH!  NUTS you are officially on the Addiction list.

How do you know you have a food addiction?

1.  You have it at least 4 to 5 times a week.

2.  It’s in your kitchen cupboard or fridge right now.

3.  You have a stash everywhere:  in the office, in your car, under the bed, in the kids room, at your parents house

4.  You think it makes a great appetizer or dessert with EVERY meal.

5.  You suggest it as part of every office potluck.

6.  It’s part of your grocery list.

7.  You can’t just have  a little.  You put it in a small bowl with good intentions, but then refill the bowl again and again.
If you agree with any one of these on the list, you have a food addiction.  So what do you do?

The only way to stop the addiction is STOP cold turkey. Don’t say you’ll just have a little, it won’t work.  Just stop eating it!

You know you want to CHANGE.

Change is GOOD.  Embrace it.

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  1. Lilitte, nuts are an easy food to get addicted on. Since they can pretty much sub in for a snack anywhere and everywhere. But ya gotta watch out for them because even though they’re packed with nutrients they’re also loaded with fat. Yeah, it’s a healthy fat, but still not ideal if trying to cut down in bodyfat.



    1. Thanks Mitch. I did find that my diet wasn’t working so well with my added addictions to nuts. Because of the benefits, I still kept eating them. Now, though, I’ve officially quit. All that fat and calories…yikes! Lol


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