Triple Threat Class

I wasn’t really sure why these guys were set up outside.  Anyhow, looks like a great view on top of a city.

The triple threat class went well today.  We did spin for about 20 minutes…a mix of heavy and fast spins.  You can do a good sprint and be drenching in sweat if you do it with enough tension.  I like it because spinning portion is so short.  (I’ve got my own theory on spinning, but more on that later.)

The second portion of the workout was probably the most intense.  We did gravity.  For those who haven’t heard of it.  It’s a contraption with pulleys and you’re basically pulling your own body weight up.  You can adjust the height of the machine at the end.  The higher it is, the more difficult it is.  It’s pretty grueling.  It’s pretty scary for beginners.  The thing about gravity is that it never seems to get easier.

  As you can see in the pic, you can be upside down, right side up, you’ve got handle bars you can pull up, etc.  It’s all body strengthening and it is DIFFICULT.  If you want to see muscles that you’ve never seen before, you ought to try it.  Make sure though that the machine is adjusted properly because accidents can happen.

Today we pulled on one handle bar on one side, and then the other handle bar on the other side.  In between we did push ups and was timed for 10 minutes.  The point is to do as many as you can in that period of time.  And then we switch to another station.

The other station is doing plyo jumps with bands around our ankles.  The bands are pretty tight and can be pretty similar to lifting heavy weights.  Also, we did leg lifts, focusing on good posture, etc.

And then pulling ourselves up with the handle bars using drop sets .  Machine is adjusted high first with the least amount of repetitions, then notch down about four times increasing repetition for each notch and return to high.

The workout is definitely not for the meek.  But newbies… remember, when you are new, you can start slow, and make it easier until you get more confidence.  Find everything a challenge.  It’ll be worth it.

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