Wine Bath


This morning I awoke as usual following my daily routine. I head downstairs in my pj’s ready to make my morning omelet. I open the fridge as usual and a wine bottle hits me and crashes to the floor. I was so startled I screamed. Broken glass was everywhere and of course wine all over my white monkey slippers and like a red ocean of rouge pooling my kitchen like a bloody murder has been committed. The stain reached far across splattering with the pungent smell of a glorious red wine. And I thought to myself, is this an omen of what this week would become.

I’ve been obsessed with my work and it has unknowingly engulfed me just as the wine did, without forgiveness nor remorse for its wrongdoings. As much as I tried to motivate myself last week to leave this unrelenting funk, I became more deeply embedded and inconsolable.

And finally the spell broke and the world became a little brighter. I surrounded myself with more positive things reminding myself that the world is not that bad. And as the funk passed, I had to remind myself that it always will.

And as I cleaned up the red mess that a bludgeoned wine bottle has created, I knew that all messes can be cleaned and the world will be anew again.

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