Girl Fight


When I first joined the boxing class, it was an accident.  I thought it was kickboxing but it was boxing with gloves.  People were wrapping their hands and I almost walked out.  The boxing coach said, “Just try it.  You might like it. ”  Well I ended up loving it! 5 years later, I’m still boxing.

Why do I box? It requires technique, form and some toughness.  When I feel like the world is caving in, it’s suddenly forgotten.  And is it all goes on I feel stronger, confident, like I can take on the world.  I weave and bob, throwing a straight or nailing a right hook.   And although I’m not perfect, I continue to concentrate on technique and form.

I am conditioning my body jumping roping, crosses, double jumps, backwards, skipping one leg, flying through not skipping a beat.  As a child I loved jump rope.  I would enter contests for skipping without missing a beat.

The push ups, the bag work, I continue concentrating on blocking with each punch, thinking of the power. I throw my body into it.
Through the years, I’ve taken it for granted, going through the motions, but it reels me back in.  I reexamine my technique, my form growing, changing, demanding for more. I realize how exhausting it is, how it takes me in, making me want more, craving for that feeling.

I love this sport. I don’t compete, but I can at least pretend.

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