Race it, Baby!

Lovely Allyson Felix has won two Olympic silver medals and three from world championships in the 200m.  Although she’s never won an Olympic gold, she is still very impressive.

No gold medals coming my way.  I’m not a runner nor a real sprinter. I have a mild case exercise induced asthma. If I run too long, I won’t be able to breathe, and my performance pretty much goes down the drain. BUT it can be managed by using an inhaler before and after exercise.  Sprinting is a great sport, because of it’s intensity, and the physiques of sprinters that do it.

In my boxing classes, we usually do a quarter mile race. This is equivalent to about 400 meters approximately.  I both gear up for it and crave it. Because it’s a sprint, I can manage it. It’s short and intense.  As I’m running and breathing heavily, I’m contemplating on my form and ways to make my run faster. I want to finish faster then my last time. I finished in 1 minute and 10 seconds. The record is 51 seconds which is this one guy. The men are usually quicker. Their advantage is longer legs, of course. I’m only 5’3″.

The pace just about kills me and the fact that it’s around the building, skipping over sidewalks, etc. doesn’t help.   After the race is complete, we return to class to continue boxing.

I love the challenge.  It’s a great interlude to a difficult class.

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