Flipping Out

Come with me – YouTube.

We’ve all had our moments like this, when we felt that we were just going to “flip out”.  And then we realize there may only be only one person coming with us on this wild fantasy ride and a maybe a goldfish named “Flipper”.  Tom Cruise does a great job of just producing the freak out at the office.  And why do we all find him so endearing in this? Because, we see ourselves in that situation, knowing that that could happen to anyone of us.

Today was one of those days.  I felt that the world is closing in, and I needed air to breathe.

A couple things that are going to keep me going:

1.  Find a beautiful scenery that you can place yourself in. It could be somewhere far away, with castles, or an ocean, a Greek isle, the Mexican Riviera

2.  Think of three things you are grateful for: Could be your job, your health, your loved ones.

3.  Have a moment to yourself.  It could be 5 minutes of sipping a cup of coffee an looking at the beautiful picture you found.

4.  Have something to look forward to (for me it’s the gym and my workout).  It could be the weekend, or a short vacation you were planning, or an event.  If you don’t have an event, start creating some.

5. Think of 3 good things that you are proud of that you did. Your accomplishments, how you made someone feel good, etc.

6.  Name at least two people that are important to you and why.

7. If everyone is making you angry, look at yourself.  Step back if you have to.  Next time you see them smile and be friendly.  It’ll most likely be reciprocated.

8. Just smile (sometimes the act of smiling will make you feel better)

9.  Think of an event that made you laugh (For me it was when I couldn’t see without my glasses and ran into the screen door…. This was at a party where everyone was watching.)

10.  Think of five beautiful objects, things or people: A rose, A sunset, a gorgeous stone, your wife/husband, a lullaby.

Well, I feel better already.  Hope this works for you too.





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