A Walk in the Park: Another Triple Threat Day


Yes, that’s me in my bikini. Since the title of my blog is “Teeny Bikini Body”, I ought to show something.  Although I am not as lean as I want to be, I’m getting there, I think.
At any rate, today was an interesting day, because instead of driving to my usual coffee shop to write, or read.. I walked to another closer coffee shop.  Last night my car wouldn’t turn off.  The key was stuck in the ignition and it the engine would not turn off.  It was very exciting trying to figure out why it was stuck.  Eventually, AAA was called and they tried to remove the key but with no luck.  They turned off the engine by pulling something out, and so my car was able to rest until it was towed in the morning.

Workout today:

I did my usual class, the triple threat class.

Spin 20 min. Heavy, Fast, Interval training.

Pullups on gravity

Running on a treadmill while it’s turned off.  (Everyone should try this.  It’s like pushing a car.  Just don’t turn the treadmill on, and start trying to run on it by pushing through with your feet.)

Biceps on gravity on your knees (This shouldn’t be tried without practice… you will fall.)

Triceps on gravity.

Sit ups on a bosu.

Scissors on a bosu (for abs)

Planks on a bosu upside down. The above is pushups… but just to demonstrate how you would do planks.

I think it was a successful day.

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