Lovin’ My Cheat Days


Ok, so maybe, just maybe I over do it sometimes.  Geez, don’t forget I’m Filipino.  Our whole culture revolves around food. I grew up with parties at our house almost every week to celebrate some Catholic tradition… but what was always there… lots and lots of food.

So dieting is a challenge for me.  Maintaining, my 122 pound body takes hard work and discipline.  Yet, every week, I’m allowed my cheat days.  Yes, I said days!  Yes, so most people say one cheat day per week.  My cheating starts Friday night and ends Sunday night, except for the fact that today I cheated on my cheat days and started Friday morning.

For some reason, people seem to think because you are skinny, you are allowed to eat anything you want all the time… How do they think you stay skinny?!!

All the social events, the birthdays, the going away parties, the returning parties at work makes you seem like a real party pooper when you’re on a diet.  I suppose there are small tricks you can do, but those tricks aren’t as easy if what is sitting in front of you is something delectable.

Trick 1:  When eating cake always slice your own piece and just slice a very thin sliver of the cake.  Don’t let ANYONE slice it for you!  Some how, these pushers think they are giving you a special treat, and the haters and sabatogers who don’t want you on a diet will give you a very large piece.  If you do have to get a second piece, it won’t be so bad.  The second should be again a SLIVER.

Trick 2:  Ask someone if they’d like to share with you

Trick 3:  Don’t go for seconds.  Tell your body you’ve had enough (This is difficult, I know).

Trick 4:  Tell everyone you’ve had a very large breakfast and you’ll have some later.

Trick 5:  Take what the pusher gave you and go to the lounge and throw it away. (I don’t really recommend this one too much because of food waste and plus you have to be careful that no one sees you but DO what you have to do.)

Trick 6:   Take the cake, or whatever it is and give it to someone in another department who’s not on a diet. (They will love you and help you with the next favor you ask.)

Trick 7:  Eat half and say “Oh my God, I’m so stuffed!  It must have been that donut I had earlier today!”

Trick 8:  Drink a whole glass of water before eating it.  You will really be too full to eat the whole thing.

Trick 9:  Eat your emergency Health stash (everyone should have this… it could be apples, oatmeal, sugar-free hot chocolate… if you are craving something sweet), then see if you still want some.  You probably won’t finish the whole thing.

The other option is:  Just EAT it! and enjoy every second and claim that day as your CHEAT DAY.  But remember, you should only have at most 2 and 1/2 cheat days and it should be and only be a cheat days if you’ve kept a strict diet all week.

So there!  Diet strategies…lol

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