Kissing my Laptop

I thought that maybe kissing my laptop might work.  I tried to go on the internet today and it read a message that said that I was missing “ATL100.DLL”. Also the worst part was that I had NO internet access. Noooooo!!!

I’m sure it’s just a virus that told me to download that and once I do my computer with all it’s files would just go “poof!” And just like that I would be left crying and cursing the computer that’s crashed on me over and over when I had a final report to do when I was in school.  Thank God, all that’s done.  I have no desire to go back to school and complete a doctorate.  I applaud those who did, ’cause I’m so not there any more.

Anyhow, I’ve googled on my backup computer (which is a crappy mini computer that’s super slow) on how to fix the dang thing.  Turns out if I uninstall McAfee and reinstall it my computer will be fixed.  It WORKED! Thank GOD.

So although kissing it the first time didn’t work, I still kissed it again.

Here’s several reasons you should kiss your laptop:

1) You are lonely and it’s the only real friend you got

2) It provides you with many articles, and other blogger advice that you can get at anytime

3) It won’t yell back at you when you are having a bad day

4) It may actually help when it’s acting up

5) You can google diet tips, health articles, and fitness websites

6) It keeps you from idle time, which has always gotten you into trouble before

7) It let’s you connect with people all over the world 🙂

8) You sit with it all the time (in your jammies, at a coffee shop, at the beach) and it doesn’t care at all what you look like

9) It let’s you decide whether what you are reading is ridiculous or incredible

And that’s it.  Hope you can see what I can.

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