I’m Juicing a Mess!

I was really excited when this juicer arrived.  It’s the Jack LaLane Juicer Pro.  I thought it would be easy, but maybe it would have helped if I read the directions.

I got my carrots, pealed 3, and cut up two apples.  Mind you I did this while cooking dinner.  I dumped a carrot one at a time and it seemed to work pretty good.  However, the juice it was producing was hardly anything!   Oh I am so impatient. Then I dumped 2 cut up apples (which was a pain to cut up, by the way) and it wouldn’t budge.  Then smoke started coming out of the spout.  

I though, oh great.  I got a lemon.  Then I looked at that cylinder contraption which I though was just a stopper to keep dirt out.  Huh, maybe I’m supposed to push fruit in this way.  Aha! it worked!

So, after I was done with just the 3 carrots and the apples, I was spent because of all the cutting, and pealing, etc. Mulch ended up in the container in the back, and not thinking, I dumped it the sink….yuck!  Oh boy, I had to scoop it out with my hand because now the sink was clogged ( not the side with the garbage disposal.)  Well, as you can see … I am not an experienced juicer.

There was carrot peels, and mulch everywhere, apple stems and seeds.  It was quite a mess.  Then I had to clean the juicer.  NOT FUN!

I’m quite lazy when it comes to these things, which is probably bad.  I have the thing on a TRIAL so maybe I’ll like it better later.

For now, that was just a little bit of a pain!



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