Top Ten Rockin’ Fit Celebrity Women

I’ve compiled a list of top ten celebrities that have physiques that are strong, lean, and fit.  These women workout not just diet to be toothpicks.  As we can tell, at the time these photos were taken, these women were in peak condition.  I hope this inspires us to become more fit.  As you can see, age is irrelevant.  In looking for the right women, they couldn’t look too lean (veins, popping, etc.) but healthy.

The goal is health!

1. Jessica Biel

How we love to hate her.  But don’t hate, emulate.  She’s worked hard for this body and you can to.

2.  The lovely Jennifer Aniston.  She’s got the lean body we’d love to have.  Not too skinny, and no vein popping arms.  Another workout queen.

3. Halle Berry, at 46, still able to maintain her physique and beauty.  Keep working at it Halle!

Demi Moore drew attention to her hot bikini body, sharing a rare stripped-down photo.

4. Despite all her tabloid issues, she still brings it with her hard body physique.  I believe this photo was taken when she was 40 and the second one was taken this year.  She is currently 50 and looks better than most 20-year-olds.  Way to rock it Demi!

5. Cameron Diaz, at the age of 40, with a physique of a 20-year-old… looking lean.

6. Kate Beckinsale, the sexy girl next door.  Always lean and fit.

7. Giselle… tan, fit and strong.  Not too skinny.

8. Heidi Klum showing off beautiful muscle definition.

9. Fergie showing us her tough side.  Love those abs!

10. Jennifer Lopez, still looking good at 43, was born to be fit, and she works hard to keep it going.

BE INSPIRED! Don’t worry men… you are next!

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