Puerto Rico

Just remembering the blue green waters...
Just remembering the blue green waters…

Puerto Rico. What a great vacation. Well I’m no longer there but I can reminisce.

Workouts are going strong. Since my last post, yes I’ve been working out every day. I’ve so far spent an hour on the treadmill going up hill, 30 min here and there on the elliptical trainer, and took an hour long class of shadowboxing which included some weights, pushups, burpies and the like. In addition, I’ve been lifting the usual.. hitting arms, and legs and abs.

Now my diet, has not improved, mostly because I’m not working. Seems when I’m at home, it’s hard to keep on the diet because of going out to eat, the holiday pies. I do know once I get back to work, I’ll have a hard regimen in place to keep my diet in check.

Well, being on vacation, I’m not totally slacking at least… not letting it all go because I know that I’m going to have some hard work ahead of me… diet wise and exercise wise.

That being said, I’m enjoying my vacation thoroughly, three more weekdays and a weekend to go… I might as well have fun.

No events planned, but maybe I’ll take a walk somewhere, write some more, paint something, read or whatever.

After all, this long vacation only happens once a year, and life is too stressful and it will hit me all too soon getting back into the inevitable GRIND.

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