Mod Is Back!


I’ve always loved the look of mod.  The flipped up hair, the glasses the bold blocks of color, the stripes.  I guess you imagine that era and how cool things were back then.

Well apparently MOD is back.  I’ll be bringing out my MOD glasses, looking for anything mod.  I’m already listening to semi mod music like Electrocute, the Teddy Bears… introduced to me by my friend Miss Janelle. defines the noun version of mod as the following:

3.  a person who is in the vanguard in style, dress, etc.

 4.  ( sometimes initial capital letter  ) a British teenager of the 1960s who affected a very neat, sophisticated appearance and  wore fancy  clothing inspired by Edwardian dress.

(For further definition see

In health care, OBAMACARE now will give us free or at little cost, preventative services in health care starting 2013.  Hey! preventative is the key! Don’t wait til you get sick to start changing your diet.

So for me, I’ve decided that changing my protein diet is first on my list.  Although I did get very lean, even with the cyclical carbing my digestive system did not approve.  (I’ll spare you the details on that.) My body gave me the thumbs down on the diet.  SOooooo that being said I am again a free agent, ready to eat a healthy diet as I please. (Operative word, “healthy”.  Don’t get too excited.)

Now healthy does not mean bad.  Check out the many yummy recipes and alternatives presented at


(Here’s some instructions on how to be mod.)

1. Wear A-line sleeveless dresses

2. Wear mini-skirts and go go boots

3. Use heavy eyeliner with white shadow and heavy mascara top and bottom

4. Wear scarves and jewelry that mimic modern art.

Ok back to the subject. Fitness Black Book presented a new article, Eating to Increase Your Metabolism [Pt 2], which intrigued me because I don’t want to be limiting my carb intake any more. Now, this fitness guru presents a bare bones representation of the 180 Degree Metabolism Diet by Matt Stone.  It talks about your metabolism and changing your weight set point.  That means being able to not be hungry and eat well, without gaining weight.  I needed more information, so I proceeded to download the e-book $9.99 on Amazon to my kindle.  I read it cover to cover, and decided that I’m going for it.  Now, he seems to present the issues with being on a protein diet, which I experienced towards the end of last year.

It seems a little scary because you get to eat, but here’s the general idea:

1.Eat as much food as you can eat each and every day according to your appetite.

2. Eat 3 square meals at equal intervals with no snacks.  Follow the four food groups: Protein, Fat, Starch, and Vegetable.

3. Avoid sugar, high fructose syrup, sweeteners as much as possible, caffeine, alcohol.

4. Eat whole foods, whole wheat, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc.

5. Consume lots of non-starchy vegetables: spinach, broccoli, bell pepper, etc.

6.  Eat saturated fats while avoiding or eating as little as possible polyunsaturated fat to a minimum.

7. Don’t exercise ( I believe this is temporary for the initial stages… I did this already all winter break being on vacation and did not diet whatsoever, so I’m going to skip this phase.)

Matt Stone provides further detail on the diet in his book. He also points out that you may gain weight at first when changing your set point. but then you start losing weight as your set point changes.

I plan to reread the book again to get a better understanding of how this diet works, but I like the whole idea of it.  What I liked about Matt Stone is that he was into fitness, did the same diets as me, the intermittent fasting, the carb cycling, and found that it no longer worked for him.  I figured its worth giving a shot to change my weight set point.  Please do not take my points, read the book.  I may be missing important information, and I believe it’s better to be more informed.

Mod girl out!

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