Back to My Usual Tricks

I’m boxing my little butt off!  And loving it.   Anyhow, the sprints, the gravity machine, the weights are making me feel like I’m back to normal since my hiatus from vacation, frolicking at the beach, eating ice cream, eating buttery grilled turkey sandwiches filled with cheese and sauerkraut and loving every second of it.  Now, I realize that’s not reality and that I will have to pay the price dearly.  The good thing is… I’m loving this too.

The key is the attitude… How do you make yourself love something you hate? Remember word association?  Think of exercise as a good thing? Stop negative words like :  “Exercise, ugh.  I have to do it to be healthy, though.”  Start training yourself to love exercise.  As you start getting stronger, you will truly start to love it, realizing how strong you could be, what you can do that some people aren’t doing.  Whenever you are feeling negative repeat these four words.  F.A.M.E. :

Exercise = Feeling Good.  This is the feeling you get from moving your body, bringing your body balance, and strength

Exercise = Accomplishment.  This the knowing that each time you complete an exercise session, you have accomplished something.

Exercise = Motivation.  The drive for motivation is to become healthy, for yourself, for your family, for your life.

Exercise = Elation.  This is the final feeling that comes from exercise itself.  Runners get the “runner’s high”, dancers feel it after a good performance, athletes get it when they win a game.  You should get it every time you look at the hours you have put into exercise. Be proud of yourself.

So when you tell your friends you are going to exercise and you can’t do without it, or that you love exercise because it makes you feel good… even if you don’t believe it now, you will.  Believe that you can change your attitude and it will happen.

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