180 Degree Metabolism Diet Hoax or Not?


I love this …

I did a post just a few days ago about the 180 Degree Metabolism Diet. Although originally I looked at the diet, and some of it made sense, I began to have my doubts after rereading the book and some of the websites. I can’t seem to find much evidence on the diet maybe because it’s fairly new. Although I like re-introducing HEALTHY carbs into my diet, I don’t agree with some of the wishy- washiness of it. I’m having a difficult time pinpointing what the diet truly is and any real reviews on the diet.

Some of claims seem suspect:

1) Advocating eating whatever you want whenever you want until you are no longer hungry
2) The book is not a fan of exercise ( I completely despise this being a true believer of exercise)
3) You may gain weight at first … still unclear how or when you start losing weight
4) Eventually your body will have a fast metabolism without exercise and you will magically shed pounds.

Parts that I liked about the diet:

1) Good carbs are good. Yes I agree. Adding fiber,
2) Olive oil is good and vegetable oil is not good. Yes , true.
3) Eating large amounts of meat can be damaging to your liver. I agree.
4) Going on a low-carb diet long-term may not be good for you. I believed this. The book makes many claims on the long-term affects of a low-carb diet can be and I’ve read this elsewhere as well.
5) Avoid sugar. I like this, but all white flour, white rice is sugar too. My whole family that is 90% type 2 diabetic are addicted to white rice. I don’t understand why the book also says white rice, and white flour is okay.

Well, all in all, I cannot promote such a diet without any real evidence of the long term affects of such a diet.

If you are a believer of this diet, or a disbeliever, I welcome any comments especially since I found it difficult to find some reviews of people who were successful on this diet.

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