Walk like a dream…


Kate Moss makes walking along a sandy beach seem so wonderful. You know why? Because it is!

Walking and talking. Did you ever get on the phone and lie on the couch while talking to whoever? Next time, take your phone call outside and walk and talk for that hour. Without even thinking about it, you just got an hour walk in. (Of course, don’t forget to look both ways before crossing the street and watch for open manholes… someone actually fell into one while on their cell).

WTH? You couch potato, it is that easy! Oh come on, don’t tell me that’s hard. I’m not telling you to have a walk with weights, with an intent to kill.

The nice thing about walking is that you can meet with a friend and catch up and walk together. Walking is natural, non-bearing type of exercise with minimal stress on the bones and joints. I see the 78-year-old woman who takes her daily walks without missing a day, and still is able to keep up a good pace.

If you want to de-stress, get some sunshine in, then take a walk at your lunch break. You can walk for 30 minutes and eat your lunch for the remaining time.

I love walking more than running because it’s not something you dread, unless you’re a lover of running. I know some people who love to run. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

Here’s what’s great about walking:

1) Anyone can do it, grandma, your dog, you!

2) It’s a good de-stressor

3) You burn calories without raising cortisol levels

4) You can get some fresh air, or for you kooky people, fresh snow, fresh rain, some fog, etc.

5) You can do it anywhere, in the mall, in your office building, in the park, at the beach

6) You can catch up on some music

7) People might want to join you

8) It’s a good way to get away

9) Nobody has to know. You can throw those tennis shoes on anywhere and change them back before anyone can see them

10) You will lose weight if you do it daily

Walk every day! You will find that you can’t wait til you get that walk in! Here’s to lovin’ exercise no matter what it is!

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