The World's Better with Music


Make your workout better with music.  I’ve seen so many people workout without music.  It will make your workout better, more enjoyable. Make it your world.

I like alternative beats.  Here’s what I listened to today on Spotify:

Sky by Ra

On My Side by Ra

Closer To You by Adelitas Way

Bridges by Fallulah

Harm in Change by Toro Y Moi

Cola by Toro Y Moi

Today’s workout:

This first part is from my triple threat class.  Remember… only you know how hard you are pushing.  Bring up your intensity… it’s your workout!

Spinning 20 minutes with heavy pushing and fast speed intervals

Gravity machine – shoulders, biceps, upper back

Leg presses – did heavy weights – three 45 weights each side 8x (total 270 lbs), two 45 weights each side (180 lbs) 10x, then one 45 weight each side (90 lbs). Repeat.

(I built up to these so don’t do these without building up to them).

Abs – bosu ball, planks one leg on bosu, v-ups on bosu, lower abs on bosu

Plyos – running in place with high knees

Sprints 10 minutes – fast as you can 30 seconds, 30 seconds rest 10x

Lunch time – 30 minute walking



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