Jennifer Nicole Lee vs. Me


Looking at our body types, we both have very different physiques,  I have a wider torso and I’m shorter than her, a smaller chest, etc. etc.  Yes, I’m not a supermodel.  I admire Jennifer Nicole’s Lee’s physique and fitness shows up in our bodies differently.  I have to work a lot harder on my midsection.  Since I’ve gotten back into my diet, I’ve lost 6 lbs and still losing every day.  I’m getting back to my more leaner look.

Damn her with her perfect physique and lean muscles… just kidding.  I love her and admire her! Now who wins in between us?

Jennifer:  Super Bikini Model, cool pink attire, great headphones, great wristbands, cool shorts, uh and attitude!

Me: Yeah I didn’t make my bed, I don’t have headphones, cute mini bikini, yeah I can pose (fake it til you make it), and I’m super comfortable in my skin!

Well obviously I can’t compete… but that’s okay!  I aspire to be inspired! I know she works hard to get these muscles, while keeping ultra feminine.

I after the same thing… not too skinny but lean like her.

Today I did a rest day.  Now for me that means rest from the hard-core stuff that’s been getting my body transformed.  So walked at the mall for 1 hour this morning (it’s raining outside).  I love the mall walks, and I noticed since the stores were not open, I was not the only one with that idea.  Many mall walkers were going around and around walking either with others or alone.

Music made it all worth it and I got an easy exercise day in while giving my muscles a rest.

My diet’s going perfectly well.

Typical diet day goes like this for me:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, with unsweetened chocolate, 1/4 cup of organic lactose-free milk

Meal 2: Rice cakes or one whole grain waffle with peanut butter

Lunch:  Brown rice, cooked vegetables, and chicken (size of a deck of cards) with some Dash Seasoning (no salt).

Meal 4:  Tuna or Chicken(Deck of cards size) with cooked vegetables

Dinner:  Salmon and a sweet potato, or Turkey and veggies, or lean beef and veggies and a glass of 2% organic lactose-free milk.

I’m allowing myself one cheat day a week.

I have some negative people in my life that try to put me down for how I look in whatever way they can.  Of course, I try really hard to not let them affect me.  I understand that people will always try to find underhanded ways to make them feel better about themselves by making you feel worse about you.

These negative people are everywhere!  Don’t share with anyone  your dieting goals… if you don’t want to hear all the comments, etc. about what you are doing wrong.  Keep the positivity of what you are doing and keep the positive people in your life.  Life’s too short for that.

Get your ammunition together, your motivational quotes… (you can get all this online) and put it up on your wall, to help you remember where you are when things or people are getting you down.  Some people don’t want you to succeed except the good people in your life.

Keep on, keeping on…


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