The Dangers of Being Like Tweety.


Recently, I had a blow to my head.  I know my head’s big.  It gets in the way most of the time and usually I’m able to dodge whatever’s coming my way, but this time I couldn’t.  I slammed the car trunk right on my head, and yes having a head as big as Tweety’s had my head spinning for a second.  Immediately, I checked for blood because it hurt so dang bad.  I imagined myself passed out on the ground and wondering if anyone would notice.

ImageWell, that was Saturday.  I ignored it for a couple days and now it’s Monday and yes, I have this low-grade headache that seems to continue on and on.  After some convincing of friends, I will be seeing the doc mañana.  My head feels like it’s getting bigger. Anyhow, on the hope of it being nothing… wish me luck.  I don’t want any issues, cuz that will totally ruin my workout routine.

I have been walking every day… and today, had to skip my normal workout.  After seeing the doc, I’ll check it out and see if  I can box tomorrow.

Dang HEAD…

Reasons that a big head is good:

1) You are constantly complimented for your handsome head

2) You don’t need extra weight when doing situps

3) You don’t need to tighten the knot up on your baseball cap

4) Your body looks really small in comparison

5) With a big head comes lots of hair to cover your head, so you’ve got a pretty good mane

6) You usually look great in all kinds of hats

Take it from TWEETY, having a big head can be awfully CUTE!

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