Now that Valentines, is coming, this is the perfect time to start doing halfsies, with your best friends, your buddies, your boo or just yourself. Watcha talking about? Well, as you can see in this pic, I planned to eat the whole dang hotdog… realistically not a good idea if your practicing my new halfsies diet. If you are like me portion control takes time and practice. If you can at least get into the habit of it, start eating half of everything you usually eat. I know I like big portions, and I’m that person that complains when restaurants give me too little. Well, enough is enough!

That’s what you gotta tell yourself. You gotta start eating half… this will be instant portion control. Now for you anorexies out there… this is NOT for you, since you are trying to increase your intake. This is for the rest of us who are foodies, food connoisseurs, who love the gargantuan meals, who love big, big, big portions. This is a sacrafice and it takes practice.

Here’s some ideas on portion control:

1. EAT HALF (Not that complicated, but the mind has to be willing) Put away the half in a to go container before you even get a chance to eat the other half.)
2. Your meat? Should be the size of a deck of cards, no more!
3. Get smaller containers, smaller bowls, eat off smaller plates, get smaller tupperware.
4. Eat a baby size portion of dessert. (You still get dessert, just not the whole dang thing)
5. SHARE! Get a friend that doesn’t mind sharing with you.
6. Make this a habit for the rest of your life! (this is not temporary, this is forever)
7. If you have to get a fast food meal, get the kids portion
8. Get mini size ice cream and yogurt portions

With all this MINI sizing, you too will be on your way to being MINI you! Here’s to easy solutions!

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