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As I was listening to The Who’s song …”The Real Me” from the album Quadrophenia, I realized that we must maintain our authentic selves. I’ve been nursing a concussion the past week and it gave me a lot of time to think. Well girls and boys, life is much easier when you try to be authentic. What does that mean? I means like being real. You know when people are bothering you and you let it brew for days on end and act all aloof and stuff? Well, if you believe it’s a person you can talk to and it won’t be a full fledged altercation… I say talk to them. Let it all out in the open. If it’s an unreasonable person, then write it out as if you are writing them a letter. If they are TOXIC in your life, be cordial but maintain a good distance. Life is too short to be surrounded by toxicity. If it’s someone you work with that you have to deal with… well then try to be friendly… yeah kill them with kindness or find a way where you can have a diplomatic cordial relationship with them. I’ve seen wars brew because those attempts to maintain neutral ground has never been attempted. I know, sometimes it’s impossible.

Hey, can’t hurt to try right?

Well, why am I talking about this? Well you heard how stress can make you sick… it really can. The more attempts at trying to de-stress your life the better off you will be.

Stress can take control your life! Don’t you want to be in CONTROL???? Yes, of course. Start by letting go of all these things that you let brew and bury in that gut of yours.

To become a better self… start by letting this stuff out, fixing your relationships, or staying away from those that can’t be fixed. And while your at it listen to this song…

That’s all. Peace and love always… ❤

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