Yeah so I've been adding different plyos to…

Yeah so, I’ve been adding different plyos to my workout.

Today’s Workout:
Burpies turn, burpies turn.
Further description: Pushup, stand up jump, land facing the other way. Repeat 10x. This is very exhausting.

Follow by 10 jumping jacks.

Now do burpie turns another 10x

Another 10 jumping jacks.

Repeat the whole thing 5 x. You will be pumped up!

Afterwards, did walking lunges with 40 lb bar weight over shoulders. Find a long aisle in the gym, and walk to the end of the room and back. Do 2x forward and back.

Well, after that I ran out of time, and went to my triple threat class:
Spin 20 min
Gravity 20 min
Plyo jumps 20 min

Other plyos you can do:
Box jumps. Jump on the box, step down. Repeat 10x, follow by 10 pushups or 2 minute mountain climbers.

Jumping Jacks, then get on all fours in a pushup position, but jump forward close to your hands, but keep your hands planted on the floor. If you want a challenge, do it with one foot the other lifted up.

Speed Skaters:  Jump from side to side landing on one foot, the other foot following behind.  Just think about skating.

With all these things you do remember to use a timer.  You want to follow a pattern of 30 seconds of high intensity, and 30 seconds rest.  The rest is so that you can hit it hard in the 30 seconds that you are doing the high intensity.  If you did this without breaks, think about it.  It’s the law of diminishing returns… you are no longer outputting the same amount of effort.  It is diminishing as time passes on. The result: less calorie burn.

Other interval patterns can be 30 sec intensity, 20 sec rest, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Or 60 sec intensity, 30 sec rest… Repeat several times.

That’s all for today! Keep it lean 🙂

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