Yeah you’d think you learned your lesson Working…


Yeah, you’d think you learned your lesson. Working hard, doing more difficult hard workouts, thinking you are invincible.  But alas, rest is in order.  You caught the bug.  You are home sick.  Remember that for your body to have a proper recovery period, it’s important to rest.  Don’t be one of those people. Don’t tough it out.  Sweat it out at the gym, I’ve heard it all before.  You’re gym mates will thank you for not infecting everyone at the gym.  Plus for your own sake, you want to get better faster and the only way is to really get rest.

And when you are ready, you back, to hit it hard, at 100%.  Recently, you’ve been feeling run down, you needed sleep, blamed it on allergies, blamed it on working overtime, telling yourself that your body was just feeling the affects of a new workout.  You are not superhuman, as much as you’d like to believe.

Promise me one thing.  Take a break two days out of the week.  You deserve it.  Now that’s not a license to go buck wild, go to Vegas, and do unspeakable things.  It’s just a license to rest.  Your body will thank you and even more important, you will see more results.

Why you say?  You are not the type to rest.

Do you want to keep going at 50-75%?  Think of it like interval training.  You stop to rest, and hit the intensity high on your returns.  Remember all that stagnant, day in and day out treadmill workout at the same pace every day, day in and day out.  Please don’t do that.

Do something different every day of your workout, pick two days of rest and then be INTENSE…

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