Saturday is your friend! and so is Fiber :)


This was my breakfast this morning.

This is a great way to get some fiber in.  I try to do this early in the morning since it’s all carbs.  How much fiber are we supposed to get? 14 grams for every 1000 calories according the Harvard School of Public Health. (I  I got 6 grams plus the banana which is 3 grams is 9.  Now I’ll add a couple prunes for digestion and that’s another 3.  Later in the day I’ll add a handful of almonds for another 3 and that totals 15 for me.  Since I’m not a large person, my calorie goal is usually about 1200 – 1400 calories per day.

All you people on a low carb diet, think about this… there are healthy ways to get your fiber in without a lot of carbs.  An apple contains 3 grams.  Almonds are high in fiber but low in carbs in a addition to countless vegetables.  For you others, bran flakes contain close to 6 if you want cereal.  For cereal I recommend getting the plain stuff.  You’re not a kid any more, no more Captain Crunch or Cocoa Cocoa Puffs. No pop tarts please!

Look at this content.  Although you get some fiber in you also get 15 grams of sugar.  Yes it’s a lot.

I just read about this woman who couldn’t seem to lose weight.  Her diet consisted of pop tarts for a snack, frozen dinners, and Special K and chips on the side.  Oh boy… yes all the things you should avoid.  They are overly processed food full of hidden sugars.  Instead of pop tarts have a plain oatmeal and add some fruit on top for flavor, unsweetened chocolate and some agave.  For your snack, she should instead have a handful of almonds, or an apple and side dishes could be raw veggies with hummus.  Anyway, this typical fast food supermarket diet does not work.

Hey check out this chart for ways to get your fiber in:

It’s got a great list of foods that will tell you the fiber content.  Start reading your labels, look at your sugar content and also your fiber.  For a clean system, we’ve got to keep on top of what we are putting in our bodies!

Happy Saturday!

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