Che, che, change.. la, la, la, la, la…

Yes, I’m singing. I go around humming and singing, and because I can’t help it. It feels good and what’s wrong with that?

Today’s workout:

Elliptical trainer 30 min of interval training, resistance 30 for 30 seconds and then resistance 7 fast.
Bicep drop sets
Tricep drop sets
V-ups, planks 30 seconds each 2x
TRX push ups 10 x 3 sets

Sometimes we think if we did what we did before or continue to do what we’ve done all along, that we should get the same results, right? Not always true. Things always to seems to be more complicated than that.

Our bodies or so ridiculously efficient that when we work out the same, it adjusts to save more fat. Yes, it sucks! But what can we do? We can change our workouts. Some people are afraid of change, because they think that if they don’t do the same thing that made them successfully look lean they will lose that leanness.

Change does not mean lowering your intensity but maybe trying a different way to do exercises. Instead of bicep curls with one bar maybe try bicep curls with two hand weights and do drop sets instead. Instead of regular push ups, try push ups on the TRX. Instead of triceps dips, use hand weights to work triceps or do triceps pull downs.

For cardio, maybe you are using the same machine every time. Maybe you like the stationary bike, so now try doing the step master instead. You should be changing your workout routine every 3-4 weeks.

The same goes for diet. Do you eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try different recipes or try different snacks. For me I’ve been eating fish and veggies, or chicken and cooked veggies a lot. I’m now switching to salads, and protein shakes, nuts and rice cakes. It keeps it from being boring.

At any rate.

Let’s change together.

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