If you could change your ways, we could be better together…

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Yes I mean it.  If you could change we would so much better off. I’d trust you more, I’d like you more, you’d be more interesting not boring.  You know what I mean, baby?

I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My previous post was about change.  Let’s talk diet.  Today for breakfast I had this low carb high fiber tortilla with black coffee on the side.   Inside was egg whites, skim mozzarella cheese, fresh avocado with Mexican hot sauce.  It was deeeelish.  For lunch, I had a tuna sandwich made with Sara Lee’s 45 calorie a slice bread and for dinner I had pan fried Ono with a green salad with olives, mushroom, Paul Newman’s traditional Italian dressing.

Six Star Pro Nutrition Professional Strength Whey Protein Plus

Since I have six meals usually, it went like this.

Meal 1- Egg tortilla enchilada

Meal 2- BSN Vanilla Syntha-6 Protein shake – with water, 1 tbs peanut butter and 1 banana

Meal 3- Tuna Sandwich

Meal 4-BSN Vanilla Syntha-6 Protein shake – with water and  1 tbs peanut butter

Meal 5 – Ono fish with salad

Meal 6 – Six Star Whey Protein Shake  – with nonfat milk (wanted to try a new product) I give it an 8 for taste *****

Tomorrow will be different except for the shakes which I love.  Breakfast will be chocolate protein oatmeal with peanut butter, lunch will be chicken apple salad and dinner will be salmon cakes and salad.

The next day will be different….

Well you get the picture.  Why? Because it’s interesting, because it’s yummy, and because again, you keep your body guessing all the time.

You don’t have to listen, but this will keep you from eating bad, because you are not sick  of the same thing every day.

Change it baby!

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  1. Rhoda says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly
    appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thank
    you once again.


    1. You are welcome Rhoda. I’m hoping to change my own ways and I will be posting again soon. 🙂


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