Lean Summer

BSN Summer Shred

Well, I entered the BSN Summer Shred program to get myself in gear. Summer is literally 2 months away and I am nowhere near my goal. Well bodybuilding.com has this contest sponsored by BSN. It’s called the BSN Summer Shred Challenge. That’s why I have this ridiculous picture holding a newspaper. They made us post this on our Bodyspace page. Bodyspace page is the page in BB.com where you post your progress, workouts, etc.

I already use BSN products so why not? Uh I’ve had no progress since the beginning of January. I’m becoming desperate, but not desperate enough to starve. Because my downfall is my love for food… BUT I love good quality fresh food which could be expensive. For the past two weeks I have been following my carb cycling diet. I have not seen any progress. (Arghhhh!) Now I know that if the normal person tried this diet, they’d probably be very successful. But for someone like me, who works out constantly and has been dieting for EONS (eons?!!! is that the word), it may not work. Plateaus! I have been googling for weeks about how to break diet plateaus. What I need is the specialized program for the workout enthusiast. And then I got a message from Mike Geary from fat loss. He sends tons of info, mostly sounds like an infomercial, but has a lot of good info. Sooooo… I am doing, get ready for it….

The Big Breakfast diet by Joel Marion.

If you want to find it, here’s the link:

Click to access bbd.pdf

This diet is for the individual who is already working out, and does not have any issues with fasting one day a week and using supplements. If you are already deeply into fitness, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. IF you are not into fitness, then this you may have to work up to this.

Ok so what is it you ask? Well better to read the link. I hate summary’s because you don’t get the full details of the diet and details are important.

I recommend doing the carb cycling diet on my earlier post first. This diet is for people who’d like to lose more body fat. My body fat averages at 20%. I’d like to get closer to 15%. However, just read the diet for yourself and see if you are just willing to try it. It’s only for 28 days and after that, you should go back to your regular routine of dieting.

What?! you say! You still diet after that. The fact of the matter ladies and gentleman, is that dieting is a lifestyle. The reality is you cannot eat whatever you want whenever you want as you please if you want be healthy.

Let’s not call it dieting let’s call it healthy living.

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