Wine me up, bring me up…

I went wine tasting with my friends and besides all the drama there exists beauty.  The sensation of wine, the conversation, the taste of the food.  Enjoying the beauty, nature and the atmosphere of the wineries.  I soaked in all the flavor of the wine reverting back to what is good.

ImageI had a beautiful Sangiovese wine that you could taste the fruit on your tongue but was not to sweet.  What about the diet you say?  Well this was my cheat day… So why not cheat with a day filled with wine?  I ended with a pecan crusted salmon on a bed of lettuce and dried cranberries. 

Today is back to fasting. Fasting… why else should you fast?

  • It makes you feel whole to feel the sensation of not needing food all the time
  • You cleanse your system
  • Some agree that it slows the aging process
  • It can help prevent cancer and cure some symptoms of asthma**
  • You learn to have control from cravings.


I must end with today’s workout:

Jump roping 10 minutes

CIrcuit:  Front squats, deadlifts, High jump, TRX inverted rows, burpees and tricep dips (feet not touching the floor),  box jumps.  Repeat. 

20 min. max and continued to Triple Threat class:

Spin 20 minutes, intervals, then jumps, high knees, pushups, burpees, then walking lunges (no weight), gravity training.  Total class 1 hour.

Til we meet again…






2 Comments Add yours

  1. jenelle kelley says:

    Wow, i love this photo. And what you said about enjoying the beauty of the tasting experience is spot on. I am more of a beer fancier, but it’s funny because i do enjoy the experience of wine tasting. I have been to several in North San Diego county as well as Napa valley. It’s about the overall experience for me. The nature, the ambiance and getting to learn something new and interesting.

    I have a feeling this is due to fact that when i was a little kid, my parents instilled a love of travel into my sisters and me. When i was four, we went to Jamaica, eight years old, was Hawaii and many other trips in between. This made me want to explore new experiences. Your post about your wine tasting caused me to remember the fun times of my many trips.


    1. Lilitte says:

      Thanks Janelle. I’m glad it brought great memories.


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