Treat myself

Yes, I am treating myself to one pizza.  Now some of you maybe wondering how this big breakfast diet is going.  Honestly, I haven’t been to thrilled about eating a big breakfast.  I’ve been changing the diet eating my breakfast for lunch or dinner and completely not following the rules of the diet. The good thing is… I’m still fasting.  Monday— I fasted all day, Tuesday-Thursday I did have the big breakfast… wondering if my breakfast hit the 800 calorie mark and fasted for the rest of those days. (The calculation according to Joel Marion with my weight.)  Because several events had occurred in this short 4 week period, I found it difficult to stick to the diet.  I had a wine tasting event, a birthday and of course my trip to Los Angeles completely ruined things…. (eating dinner with my parents, etc.)  How would I explain why I’m not eating dinner with my parents? It really is impossible to have any kind of social life and follow this diet.

The four weeks is supposed to end this Monday… but with all the messing around this week, I decided to add one more week.  The Los Angeles trip… Argggh I did not diet at all.  I had my Jambalaya, I had my fancy dinners, and it was fantastic and so worth it.  The only good thing is that I didn’t gain any weight.  I just didn’t lose as much as I would’ve liked.

With all this being said, you are probably wondering why I’m having this pizza.  Well because although my plan was to have my breakfast at dinner… that would have been from a 24 hour fast to a 40 hour fast.  That may be a little too long for me to handle.

Although I’m having a pizza, I have already broken the rules… yet I am still fasting.

What am I truly getting out of this diet?  Well let me tell you… being the food connoisseur that I am… restricting meals gets a little depressing. However, fasting I don’t seem to care.  I can fast for hours and not be affected.  I’m not dying or lack energy or anything.

Maybe you’d wonder if I’d go down the deep end… become anorexic. Hilarious… that would not be possible my friends because I love food way too much.  My relationship with food is a hairy one.

I dream about chocolate cookies that melt in your mouth and the perfect steak.  I think about how a mint sugary mojito would be when it’s mixed perfectly bringing my fantasy into an island of white soft sand and a warm calm sea.  I love food because I love the experience.  Truly, I learned that it’s not about quantity as much as quality.  When I tasted the Sangiovese wine, I tasted the succulent berries washing over me filling me and making me whole.

What is the real lesson here….  that although there are rules…. yes you should follow them because to reach your goal and succeed you have to follow them.  Just don’t do it for too long because there is too much of life to enjoy.

All in moderation…

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