Dessert Freak


IMG_0073It’s true.   I love dessert. Our new lovely neighbors invited us over for dessert and I can never resist my sweet tooth.   I had a bowl of frozen yogurt on top of a fudge brownie.  Add a glass of wine and a cup of coffee with good conversation and I’m good.

Could I ever imagine giving up dessert for the DIET?  Not really.  Some of the most joys of life is being able to enjoy the experience of something scrumptious and delicious such as… dessert!

So how does this fit into my supposed diet?  It fits into my cheat day and I don’t eat dessert every day.

Rules of eating dessert?

1.  Have your favorite dessert. Why settle? …have the most delicious thing.  For me, it’s either strawberry cheesecake or chocolate fudge brownie.  My to favorite cheesecake was the one I had in New York at Carnegie’s.  Some people seem to like Junior’s. For me I loved a late night run at 3:oo a.m. to Carnegie’s.

2.  Don’t eat it every day.  If you do, it is no longer special.

3.  Have a nice drink with it to enhance the experience.  That could be hot chocolate.  My favorite is Abuelita’s hot chocolate.  I gave up coffee but I still love the flavor … so I will drink a nice decaf with it.

4. Don’t eat it fast.  Savor it nice and slow and let yourself taste every aspect of it.  It’ll be worth it.

5. Don’t eat it after a big meal.  You don’t want to ruin the experience by being too full to eat it.

And that’s pretty much it.  Enjoy!

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