It’s a Hot Chocolate Day


It’s not particularly cold here but an extremely stressful day calls for a warm cup of hot chocolate.

As usual, this doesn’t follow the diet “rules”.  Still, I have been fasting all day ’til dinner having only an apple and some raw veggies (what’s allowed).

I have since the Big Breakfast diet, which I found difficult because I realized I am more a dinner type person, have transitioned into “The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler. 


This is a great transition because if follows the similar rules except that it is at dinner time that you have the one meal.   Additionally, you are allowed to eat during your fasting, coffee with little milk, veggies and fruit and the occasional protein shake.  The other difference is that the fasting doesn’t stop.  It continues as an eternal fasting period for the rest of your life.  I understand, for some, that this sounds drastic.  For myself, it makes perfect sense.  I cannot stop myself from wanting to eat my lovely meals at dinner without having to look at portion size so much.  The other thing is that eating six meals took it’s toll on me…preparation, money, watching for each time period, etc…

I understand that six meals works for many people but for me… I didn’t lose any weight or progress… hence the change.

Regardless, I know the six meals a day is a valid option that works for many individuals with great success.  That being said…I continue with my fast… still making sure that I have my amino acids, my protein, to be sure I don’t lack anything nutritionally.

Here’s yesterday’s workout:

Circuit 1.  Y-press, Alternating Forward Lunges, Side Plank, Swiss Ball Crunch.  3 sets, no rest

Circuit 2.  Step ups, Dips, Jumping Jacks Bent over lateral raises.  3 sets. no rest.

Circuit 3.  Bent over barbell rows, Stiff leg dead lifts, Jumping lunges, Bulgarian Split Squat.

Then continued to Boxing Class, which included but was not limited to bag work, burpees, star jumps, quarter mile race, and some ab work.

Keep on workin!  Til next post…

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