Oh my oh my! Did my head get bigger or did my arms get toned?

One day my arms got toned.  After a log of hard work, time and diet it happened.  It didn’t happen overnight but it did.IMG_0463

Well, there’s plenty of ways to get toned arms, but first overall body weight is a factor on how your arms would look.  If your body fat and body mass is high, you cannot have toned skinny arms and a large torso generally unless you have some strange genetic disposition.

That being said, first things first.  Get your body fat and body weight down and the arms will follow.  This is all diet.  Read all my articles on diet….!

Some people prevent lifting weights at all costs for the fear of being bulky… ladies please!!!

Stick thin arms are sickly and unattractive which I could never understand that obsession… get some healthy meat on those bones.

I lift weights yes.. I do push ups, pull-ups, chin ups, dips and barbell curls, rows. If you want to get toned arms girls… weights are the way to go.  To keep from getting bulky…add high intensity cardio.

Here’s what to do:

1) Try to start doing push ups.  The best way is a pyramid method.  Start with 1, then do 2, then 3, then 4 and so on until you can’t do anymore

2) Pull-ups are difficult… start with a pull-up/ chin up machine.  This machine allows you to use something close to your body weight making it easier to lift

3) Dips can be done against a bench or chair.

4) Do some rows.  See this link for an example:

5)  As for high intensity cardio… I recommend  jump roping. Obviously this takes practice… but with time you can get a great high intensity workout once you get the hang of it.

6) If jump roping isn’t for you… do jumping jack burpees.  Do a jumping jack, then a burpee until exhaustion.  Rest then repeat 5x.  This is a great high intensity workout.

Perfect kind of burpee is in this video.  A little intense… so you can tone it down a bit to fit what you can do.

7) Other high intensity workout.  Jumping lunges, and a push up.  Again repeat 10x or until exhaustion.

See video:

There are plenty of ways to get toned… this takes time, persistence and consistency!

Work hard… results will follow.  Keep the faith…

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