A Blue Undulating Sea

I may be going off track a bit… but what’s a blog for but to go off track here and there. I write poetry here and there and it’s only done when the mood strikes me.

Here’s some music to set the mood.  Goldfrapp – Deep Honey

Please forgive my melancholy mood.

A Blue Undulating Sea

Written by Lilitte

Why Would you defame me, belittle me, discredit who I am

Why would you take compliments to me and turn it sideways, switching it, turning it twisting it your way,

Why is your whole end game is to laugh, to ridicule me through and through

Why do you turn me to true blue,

I am blue like the summer sky is blue,

I am blue like a bluish sea undulating in its vastness

bringing bright greenish waves foaming beneath me

I feel a grey sky hovering and enveloping me, cloaking me

Leaving me clinging to a pounding heart, beating louder and louder

So deafening that I can’t hear myself speak

If I could, I would brighten, believe,

Sanding that stone til it’s smooth against my cheek.

I would be fiercely protective

 of your character, displaying you, your talent,

with the brightest star,

seeking nothing but

your love, your approval

your heart, your pride

of me.

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