Fi, Fo, Fum, Foodie

If I went to heaven, my dream would be that I could eat whatever I want and never gain weight.  That I’d have all the home-made apple pies, steaks that melt in your mouth, and fresh caught fish or lobster.

Am I a Foodie? Probably. Lately, I’ve been hearing that word a lot.  I thought about it and always called myself a food lover.  It’s not about gluttony.  It’s about exploring the creativity of food. As with everything that is wonderful and good in life, there are unexplored flavors that the palate has.  I like trying different ethnic foods.  The idea behind it all is to go for quality above quantity.

That’s why I’m a big fan of tapas, appetizers, happy hours (good ones only) and tastings of all sorts, wine, beer.

I always dream of traveling to different countries, tasting the best foods.  Now, always being a dieter, how would I do it?

Here’s a idea, instead of dinner, start eating small quantities of foods with friends.  Get a couple appetizers, share, compare, and eat a few.

Now, I know i just wrote about my diet hybriding.   This is an altogether different subject.  Do you really want a giant plate of pasta, with bread, and soup and dessert to boot?  Do you really like that feeling of being so full, you can’t walk?

Start like this, (and please don’t go to a buffet), when you go out to eat, try eating appetizers and sharing.  It’ll be much more fun.  And I’m not talking sliders, bacon covered mini hotdogs.  Quality people!  I mean mini lobster cakes, or mini angus burgers, or lox on a deluxe cracker.

Change your mindset.  Start thinking of instead eating a huge meal, eat a small meal with a little of this, a little of that.  You will be satisfied in a different way… because you have tasted different things.

For lunch, have a small salad, eat a herb-crusted salmon, eat a side of roasted veggies, and a 5 nuts.

For breakfast, have fruit with plain yogurt, a boiled egg, some lox.As for quality, have the organic foods, whole foods that are fresh, fresh coffee, make your own salad dressing.

Satisfaction comes from having something delicious, not having a lot of something.  This in turn, will increase your serotonin levels, therefore increasing your quality of life.  Food, living, conversation, enjoyment.

Make every moment count.

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