Clean Slate

When I was a kid, my brother and my sisters and I would fight and we would fight often.  We would have so much fun together, but eventually we would get into these downright full on brawls.  We would be at each others throats.  Plus, we would call each other every name possible.  The one thing we would do because we honestly didn’t want to be fighting anymore was that we would stop the next day.  The energy to be angry with each other was too much.  The next day, we would talk and not bring it up at all.  We would pretend it never happened.  And then we would be friends again.  We had, in turn, given each other the CLEAN SLATE.
Everyone deserves a clean slate.  At least once.  Now, I’m not talking about astronomical misgivings, that cannot be taken back.  Anything which involves breaking one of the ten commandments…uh you can’t CLEAN SLATE that.

I’m talking about little slights on your characters, white lies, mini fights, misunderstanding. This is really important in the Stand off.  You know what I’m talking about.  Each person thinks the other is wrong and no one is willing to say sorry. Stupid fights.  How many good friendships end this way never to see each other again, warding them off forever and ever.

Why is it important to have CLEAN SLATES?  It’s because what happens in life is that we lose sight of what’s important.  It’s not until something tragic happens that everyone realizes how stupid that fight was.

Now how do you apply clean slates to your diet and workout?  Well this you CLEAN SLATE over and over again.  You will make mistakes and you have to just get back up and do it again and again.  Forgive yourself over and over and over.  And eventually, you will have perfected both.  There is no limit to CLEAN SLATES when you apply it to this.

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