Salted Caramel Lips – Mini workout time


I am currently addicted to Lip Smacker Cupcake collection… in particular Salted Caramel.

Mini Compact Impact workout.  Well now with my new schedule, I’m forced to change my workout routine.  I have very limited time and the world is my oyster.  What should I do? Jump roping, pushups, burpees? squat thrusts?  Well I decided in the scheme of things, pushups seems like the most compound workout that I can do.  When? when I wake up… first thing in the morning to get my body revving.  With my limited time schedule, I have to use my time wisely.  Before boxing, I have less than 30 minutes to get my act together.  I have to compound workouts … but I should keep it low impact. Why should I limit myself?  I could change it up every time and just concentrate on one move. Best compound exercises:

I could keep it circuit because I don’t have much time.


Walking lunges

Dead lifts – increasing weight.

Squats – On a bosu

Chest presses

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