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Ahhhhhh… Sunday

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IMG_1195Sunday morning breakfast started with a toasted everything bagels with Nova Scotia lox and capers.  A fresh pot of coffee with sugar-free vanilla creamer and fresh fruit.  Fruit included strawberries, blueberries, raspberry and bananas.  Today being my cheat day… a delicious breakfast is actually what I needed.

What was today’s workout?  Nothing, nada!    Rest, rest, rest!

Enjoy your Sunday… Make it your special day.  Have the freshest whole foods if you can. If it’s your cheat day, let yourself.  Go outside, take a walk and enjoy the fresh air.  Don’t binge, but enjoy your food, enjoy your life, be happy.

The world is yours.  Your choice.


Author: Lilitte

I have always had a love for fitness. I've been a fitness junkie over the years and have learned the healthier ways of diet and exercise. As I continue to learn more I'd like to share and learn more from the public.

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