Double Dutch Workout

Looks like fun, huh?  Double dutching.  Notice how lean all these peoples re.  It’s impressive what you can do with a couple ropes!

Oh yesssssss 4/10’s schedule… it’s lovely… the 10 hours of work 4 days a week and the 3 day weekends.  I have to admit working 10 hours means nothing when you got that extra day off.

The bad thing? It did cut into my workout.  I no longer had time to do weights, and you know how important that is.IMG_1200

I made a decision.  I now have my lunch time workouts.  Lucky for me, the gym is a 5 minute walk and I can just mosey on over and do my weights and done!

Yes, I love it… the peace of it… nobody’s there when I go around 1:15.  I’ve got the weights to myself.  I can do any circuit without interruptions.  Again I continue with the circuits because it’s fast and I can get a lot in.

Today’s workout:


Circuit 1: Single dumbell squats, lumber jack press, pike with the trx.  Do 3x

Circuit 2:  Alternating Reverse overhead lunges, lying garhammer raise, single arm dumbell row and side to side push up with medicine ball.

Before dinner workout:

Boxing drills, focus mitts, bag work, lunges, and sit ups.

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